Building Control Group have a great deal of experience with advising building designers and providing certification according to building code whilst facilitating the efficient progress of our developments. From an independent, informed position the Building Surveying Services offered at Building Control Group provide unbiased guidance and support to the construction industry throughout Australia. This allows our clients to understand and meet their regulatory compliance obligations pursuant of their subject developments.

Applying our thorough understanding of the Performance Requirements of the Building Code of Australia, together with an innovative application and practical working knowledge of commercial and residential demands we aim to identify, assess and apply best-practice strategies to achieve a compliant outcome suitable for the needs of our clients, including building owners, managers, developers and end-users.


Building Control Group offers market-leading private certification services to NSW and the ACT. Our team of experienced Accredited Certifiers is well-versed in a variety of property sectors, building types and regulatory frameworks. Building Control Group also have the ability to assess and approve any building size and complexity, including associated alternative solutions, given that our surveyors have attained the highest level of accreditation.  Building Control Group is absolutely committed to providing a pragmatic and professional service for our clients specific to the individual needs of the subject development.

Our certification services include the provision of:

  • Construction Certificates
  • Complying Development Certificates
  • Occupation Certificates
  • Crown Certifications


Building Control Group provides building owners, agents, facility managers, and contractors with a professional service to ensure that statutory obligations are met with respect to ongoing safety, reliability and maintenance of the building’s essential fire safety measures. Building Control Group delivers tailored advice on all matters relating to compliance with statutory obligations, including:

  • Arrangement and management of annual fire safety measures and fire safety statements.
  • Building compliance inspections and BCA audit reports for new and existing buildings. 
  • Conducting reviews of fire engineering reports and facilitating necessary action to ensure ongoing compliance.
  • Facilitating and conducting inspections of fire penetrations, passive elements and paths of travel to exits.

BCA Consultancy

Building Control Group delivers a series of specialist consultancy services that support a successful outcome for our clients. We endeavor to fully assist with overcoming regulatory hurdles and seek to explore opportunities for our clients to facilitate compliant design-outcomes throughout the key design stages of the development process. Our BCA Consultancy Services allow an innovative risk-managed approach to building control, thus enabling our clients to successfully navigate their certification, audit, compliance and approval needs for a range of new and existing buildings. Our work covers all commercial, industrial and residential sectors including high-rise buildings and those with large floor areas and highly populated.

Our consultancy services include the provision of:

  • BCA reports for Development Application submissions
  • BCA reports for Construction Certificate submissions
  • BCA Audit reports


Building Control Group’s strong understanding of health and disability supports our Accessibility Consultancy services. Thus, we can offer our clients comprehensive knowledge of the needs for all members of the community, strengthened by years of practical experience in administering building codes, associated standards and guidelines across the construction industry, including:

  • Conducting appraisals of plans and specifications throughout key design development stages and reporting of possible deficiencies regarding disabled accessibility with reference to relevant building codes, associated standards/guidelines and Council requirements.
  • Conducting accessibility audits on all types of buildings to identify any areas of access discrimination.
  • Issuing statements to confirm compliance to the relevant national codes and standards.